Hi I’m Paris Inuton

and this is my token PRINCESS

Paris Inu-ton (token: princess) is Shiba Inu’s spoiled but successful offspring. Inu Sr. is a busy billionaire spending his time going to space with Elon Musk and Sir Richard Brandon leaving behind Paris to grow up by herself with a ton of money.

As a young pup, she became famous for her Dogey Style leaked sex tape with Rick Da Salmon and even went to jail for 45 days for violating her probation from a previous traffic offense.

However, the heiress of Inuton Hotels and Spaceships Corp bounced back and built her own media and rocket empire and converted her inheritance into PRINCESS tokens.

She started off by burning 75% of her inheritance!

Then she created a modern social media kingdom by building a massive active online community for PRINCESS, which is all about huge reflections and bonuses. “Never pass a mirror without looking in it.”

PRINCESS coins are hyper-deflationary and built to reward you, so more PRINCESS coins are added to your wallet with each transaction. Remember, Paris is THE modern female influencer - simply love and don't dump her, and she'll take you to the moon to meet her dad.

Address contract


Social Media







75% burned of inheritance

25% in Liquid Pool

Buy fee 9.5%

Sell fee 13%


Inuton Philosophy

Never pass a mirror without looking in it.

The only rule is don’t be boring.

You don’t have to be an heiress to look like one, if you act like one everyone will just presume you are one.

A true heiress is never mean to anyone - except a girl who steals your boyfriend.


Paris’ charities

Paris Inuton loves to give and its smart contracts are to reward long term holders. However, family and community are first. PRINCESS tokens will work to provide for dog rescue charities around the world to help those less fortunate. THAT’S HOT!


My hot Roadmap


Paris Inuton’s sex video with Rick Da Salmon is leaked causing massive embarrassment for her and her family.


Paris is on a hit TV show The Effortless life with bestie Nicole Dogie

May 2021

Shiba Inu Sr becomes a billionaire and goes off to space with Elon Musk and then Jeff Bezos

June 2021

Inu Sr. gifts Paris with a massive fortune of 1 trillion tokens. Paris converts them into PRINCESS coins and then burns 75% of them

July 2021

  • Puts together an alpha pack of developers, artists and celebs for PRINCESS tokens
  • Launches PRINCESS tokens website www.princesstokens.com
  • Social media campaign lead by the Queen of Social Media
  • Telegram to 2,500 and Twitter to 3,000
  • Listing on coinmarketcap
  • Audit submitted

August 2021

  • Airdrop
  • Whitepaper to be released
  • 10x community growth
  • Continued social media campaign with influencers and celebrities
  • listing on coingecko
  • Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership

Q4 2021

  • 50,000 holders
  • 100,000 telegram members
  • Air drop #2
  • Continued influencer marketing push
  • Listings on major cex



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